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Anchor Reef (house reef)
Max depth: 9m
Minimum certification: Scuba diver

Named after the anchors surrounding it, there is a really awesome short dive through this reef. About 5 minutes dive time from the descent point in Vale Covo, en route divers can be surprised by rays, octopus, cuttlefish, various types of nudibranchs and much more. A large section of Anchor Reef has really impressive overhangs - be sure to bring/hire a torch if you want to see the critters in the shadows.

This is one of our most popular dive spots due to its fabulous formation and proximity to the Dive Centre. We dive it year round and are still constantly surprised by the variety of marine life that appears here.

Suitable for everyone, macro photo and video enthusiasts will love it this dive
The best time to dive here is at high tide.

Vale Covo (house bay)
Max depth: 6m
Minimum certification: Scuba diver

Possibly the most stunning cove on the Algarve's coast!
This bay is a dive in itself. Two rock face walls, an islet in the middle, sand patches, boulders and much more...
Perfect for beginners, photographers and videographers - all divers enjoy this bay.

The best time to dive this bay is at high tide.

Praia do Pintadinho
Max depth: 12m.
Minimum certification: Scuba diver

One of our favourites. With easy entry and exit, it is diveable at high or low tide. Here the choice of route depends on what is most suitable for the divers. We usually follow the cliff around the corner to see a lot of cool marine life on the wall. Sometimes we venture a little deeper to explore the large boulders and sandy areas further out, in search of sand-dwelling marine life.

There is a huge variety of marine life at this location and it seems that on every dive we spot something new that we haven’t seen in a while.

Algar Seco
Max depth: 12m
Minimum certification: Advanced Open Water

Although the majority of this dive is simple, the breathtaking entry and exit is more suitable for advanced divers. The dive starts and ends in a rock pool (only on a calm, high tide). We then dive through a rock formation passage into large grotto and continue from there into the ocean. Just that part of the dive is worth the trip! Once we reach the ocean we can go anyway we like and there is always plenty of marine life to see!

Praia do Carvalho (also know as Smugglers Beach)
Max depth: 12m
Minimum certification: Scuba diver

Not only is this beach stunning, the dive site is pretty awesome too.

If you are good on air consumption, we can start this dive right from the shore and glide across the sand looking for rays, cuttlefish and other sand-dwellers. If not, we have a small surface swim to the central rock, from where we descend right next to the reef.

The largest part of the reef edge has many holes and ledges where a lot of amazing marine life can be spotted. As well as the reef this site has areas with pebbled bottoms, large boulders and bowls of sand on top of the reef. We see a large variety of life here throughout the year.

Praia do Carvoeiro
Max depth: 9m
Minimum certification: Scuba diver

This beach has recently had sand added, extending its area into the ocean. Fortunately the sand did not cover too much of the area with marine life habitats. The reef is much closer to the entry and exit than it used to be.

This is an excellent snorkelling site as the reef's depth is only a few metres.

The new sand still muddies the water so we have not dived here very often since the replenishment. We will update this content as soon as we have more information.



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